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How Much Videography Coverage Do I Need?

Telling Your Story Through Videography

In the over 300 weddings we’ve done over the years one of the things we’ve learned to do is to educate couples on how much videography coverage they will need on the wedding day. It’s common to think that just 6 or 7 hours of coverage will suffice and for some weddings it will. More often than not though, couple’s are better served with more videography coverage than they’ll initially think they need. The wedding film tells the story of your day. To tell that story it’s important to have enough material to make a wedding film feel complete. We prefer to start our coverage towards the end of hair and makeup and film through the send off or last dance of the wedding.

Elements of the Story

Any story has various elements woven together that make it feel complete. The same is true for a wedding film. The venue offers the time and place of the story. The couple are the main characters. The supporting cast comprises of the wedding party, the officiant, the families, etc. Your friends plus ones? We’ll consider them the extras. Every detail of your wedding has been meticulously thought out, we recognize that and want enough time to document these details and elements. To do that, we videographers need enough time at your wedding to capture all of this. At Aerodef Productions, we hit the ground running when we show up on location. We want to capture as much as we can in the time we’re there.

So How Much Videography Coverage Will I Need?

There isn’t a magic number to say exactly how much videography coverage any given wedding will need. We can say though that couples often need more coverage time than they’ll initially think. Our packages start with 7 hours of coverage and go up from there. During our initial consultations with potential clients, this is a major topic we will discuss. Our average videography coverage time for weddings is between 8-10 hours but occasionally more or less is needed. To find out how much coverage you need for your wedding contact us and we’d be thrilled to setup a time chat!

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