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Get to Know Your Nashville Wedding Videographer

A Little More About Me

The Experience of the Couple

Thanks for stopping by! Whether you’ve chosen Aerodef Productions or are considering us, we’re thrilled to have you here! My name is Andrew Fleckenstein and I’ve been a wedding videographer since 2011. I grew up outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Nashville in 2019. I got my start in videography as a kid back in the early 2000s when I shot various videos with my friends around the neighborhood just for fun.

Andrew Fleckenstein filming a video as a kid in early 2000s
Filming a video for fun circa 2001.

Eventually, it spawned a career of filming weddings and various types of corporate videography work. Over time, I’ve filmed and edited well over 300 weddings. I honestly lost track of the number of weddings years ago. However, I am still just as passionate today as I was back in my younger years. What I’m most focused on, is the quality of the experience each couple gets. After hundreds of weddings, I still am the one who shows up on the wedding day and does all of the subsequent editing. My philosophy is by doing both the filming and the editing myself, the wedding films will be more authentic to the couple. There may be small details and connections missed by an editor who wasn’t physically present at the event.

Life Outside of Videography

Videography is my full time gig but outside of filming and editing weddings, I am a husband to Madeline (married 2019) and father to two young children. Most of my non-working time is spent with my wife and children, along with our larger family scattered around Nashville.

Andrew and wife Madeline with trees in background

I spend a lot of time video editing so when not sitting at my computer, I like to stay active and keep my body moving. My hobbies include biking, hiking the Warner Parks in Nashville, or doing yard work around our home. Being a wedding videographer is physically demanding on wedding days, I’m constantly carrying gear, moving tripods and lights, etc. What mostly keeps me agile is just chasing my two kids around the house!

The Opportunity To Be Your Videographer!

My passion for wedding videography continues to grow each and every wedding season! As new technologies emerge and the industry continues to evolve, I embrace change and growth at every opportunity. I am always striving to better serve the couples I work with and capture their wedding day in the best possible manner. It’s an honor to serve people on their wedding day. I bring a positive and friendly attitude to each wedding and show up with the same enthusiasm as I did at my first wedding gig many years ago. If you or someone you know is in need of wedding videography, I’d be thrilled to provide my services. Reach out today, I can’t wait to chat with you!

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