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My name is Andrew Fleckenstein and I’ve been a wedding videographer since 2011. Over time, I’ve filmed and edited over 300 weddings, and am always striving to grow and hone my skills further as a wedding videographer. I love the entire videography process but I especially like being at weddings. It is so fun and fulfilling to witness and capture the love, emotions and joy weddings bring. I often catch myself smiling behind the camera at moments both small and big throughout the day.

While not filming or editing weddings, I am spending time with my wife and children, biking, hiking the Warner Parks in Nashville, or doing yard work around my home. I am passionate about capturing each couple’s special day, and I hope to capture your wedding day and turn it into a beautifully handcrafted wedding film!


my name is Andrew Fleckenstein, and I am the owner and primary videographer at Aerodef Productions.

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"Happiness equals reality minus expectations."
- Tom Magliozzi


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